2015 Spring Saturday Morning Program

Pre-Primary Program
is professionally designed for families with children from 3-5 years old and children at the beginning stage of acquiring Chinese Mandarin as a second language. Our curriculum covers a wide range of vocabularies, daily conversations, Chinese pinyin, Chinese nursery rhythms, and more cultural exposures that are embedded in children's meaningful daily life. Our class activities includes music, movements, hands-on activities, games, presentations, and more!
Primary Program
is professionally designed for families with children from 6-8 years old and children who are ready to read and write. Our curriculum in this program focuses more on children's reading ability and writing ability in Chinese as well as their communication skills in Chinese Mandarin. We are helping children to get a confident start in learning this language by striving to set them up successfully from the beginning when they learn to read and write! There are also fun activities, games, music and movements involved in our classes!


Saturday (9:00am-9:45am) & (11:00-11:50am)


Saturday (10:00am-11:00am) 



Jan. 10 - May 23

2015 Spring Semester School Calendar


4920 Roswell Road NE, Suite 44, Sandy Springs, GA 30342


$50 One-time Registration Fee applies to all new families

($25 for the second sibling, $15 for the third sibling)


Tuition need to be made for the whole semester at once.

Please contact is at lbbmandarin@gmail.com for details.  

Your first trial class with us is free with your filled-out Registration Form from us.
We offer special discount on tuition to siblings.
PLEASE NOTE: Tuition must be paid in full without deduction for absences of any duration or for any cause, and without substitution of other days of attendance as "make up" days. This is necessary due to staffing and operational costs that are incurred on the basis of fixed levels of enrollment.
Please make checks payable to LittleBusyBee Mandarin Academy.
You can find the Registration Form under Forms and Docs on the sidebar.
Please contact us for more detailed information about the classes.
Phone: (770)-380-8638
Email: lbbmandarin@gmail.com
LittleBusyBee Mandarin Academy