About Ms. Sophie

Ms. Sophie was born in China and is a native speaker of Mandarin. Her home town is Xi'an, where the Terra-Cotta Warriors are from. She came to the U.S. after she achieved her B.A. degree in English language and literature at Xi'an International Studies University, and furthered her study at University of North Carolina at Greensboro with the Master degree in Special Education: Birth to Kindergarten Interdisciplinary Studies.
Both of Ms. Sophie's parents have been teachers for years back in China. Ms. Sophie's mother was running her own preschool for over 10 years, and that inspired Ms. Sophie's determination of being a great teacher for children as well. Ms. Sophie's father was teaching Chinese literacy and cultures in middle school and was very well respected by his students, which helps Ms. Sophie form her proudness and willingness to spread Chinese cultures to people over the world.
As an early childhood educator, Ms. Sophie started teaching young children Mandarin when she was still in her Master's program back in North Carolina. She did her internship and graduation dessertation in the field of Mandarin teaching to young children. It was also at that time, LittleBusyBee Mandarin program was created with a group of children and families that are very interested in learning about Chinese language and cultures. Up till now, Ms. Sophie has been teaching Mandarin for over 8 years in different settings, including private preschools, community weekend schools, church schools, university affiliated preschools, and tutoring. Her students cover a wide range from infant and toddlers to children of three years old, elementary students, middle school students, high school students, to adults.
Ms. Sophie believes that children learn best in their natural daily living environment, and parents are the critical collaborators throughout children's learning experiences. She also believes that the earlier children are exposed to Mandarin and Chinese cultures, the better children will be acquiring this language in the further, and this learning experience will enhance children's cognitive, language, and social-emotional development at all stages.
Ms. Sophie got married recently in Atlanta and just had a baby boy. As a mother as well as an early childhood educator, she fully understands the importance of creating a healthy nurturing environment to help children to reach their optimal potential.
Ms. Sophie loves to play tennis. If you play ALTA or USTA, you may see her on the court. 
Ms. Sophie loves children, and enjoys teaching children Mandarin every minute since it is a fun experience for all of them! She is looking forward to getting to know you and your family, and to explore knowledge about China together!