Curriculum Objectives

Pre-primary (3-5 years old):
We use our own evolved Mandarin cucciculum Little Busy Bee: On Our Way to China. It covers vocabularies and daily converstaions based on daily lives, songs that children love to sing, traditional Chinese festivals, and calligraphy. This curriclum is based on the philosophy of learning through hands-on activities, art, fun games, and cultural presentations. We provide on-line access to families on this curriculum.
  1.  Listening and Oral Communication:
  • Numbers: from 1 to100, from 10s to 1000.
  • Colors
  • Boday-parts
  • Shapes
  • Zodiac animals
  • Family Members
  • Fruit Names
  • Time
  • Eating Utensils
  • Furnature
  • Country Names
  • Sport Names
  • Week Days
  • Daily communications

      2.  Linguistic Awareness

  • Expose to Chinese characters and its intonations
  • Sing children's songs
      3. Cultural Exposure
  • Learn about Chinese New Year and how people celebrate it with hands-on art/cooking activities
  • Learn where China is geographically
  • Learn about Chinese folk dance and folk tales
  • Learn about sub-cultural groups of China and its cultures