Parents' Comments

"Sophie is an outstanding educator who makes learning fun forthe children. She displays animpressive array of teaching methods. She incorporates singing, dancing, andgames into her lessons. She brings props so that the children can engage withtheir hands as they learn new words.

I have been delighted to be able to observe the lessons, asI am learning along with my child and can practice at home in between lessons. "
-- Donna N.
-- 家长周
"Just a note to let you know how much G. is enjoying your class. At dinner, she said she had the best day ever!  Then she explained it was because she learned all the body parts - and sang 'Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" in Mandarin.  Amazing!  She is also quite impressed that you can count to 100 and she wants to learn to as well.
Great job and thank you for making a difference in my child's life!!  We feel blessed that she is getting this opportunity and I honestly believe it will make a difference in the rest of her life.  Happy New Year!"  
-- Kristin Fors
"I really love it that you are speaking in Mandarin and only supplementing with English when nec...essary. I think our kids are learning much about the language by hearing full sentences even if they cannot repeat them right now."  
-- Ronda Fox
"Ms. Sophie is a wonderful teacher. My daughter is learning quickly and having fun too! Some people are born teachers and Ms. Sophie is certainly one. We're lucky to have this group in our city!"  
-- Ronda Fox
-- 家长苏
"Ms. Sophie is one of those teaching gems that, if you're lucky, you might come across a few times in your lifetime.  She is enthusiastic, creative, versatile and engaging.  Any time a child spends with Ms. Sophie is time well spent!"
-- Ronda Fox
”年轻,课堂上活跃,非常好的带动小孩子参与,还调动他们学习的积极性。Sophie 是非常优秀的老师。“
-- 家长留言
"All the best in the coming year!!!  Thank you so much for providing such great lessons for our kids!"
-- Lisa Mcllvoy
-- 家长Katty
"We have taken several Chinese classes and we have seen the best results with LittleBusyBee. Sophie Li is a great teacher who is serious about instruction while making the class engaging and fun for our children."
-- Lisa Mcllvoy
"Yesterday’s presentation of the children’s Mandarin skills was the most impressive I have seen.  Obviously D. has had some extra exposure, but the other children were extremely impressive.  I was amazed at their receptive language abilities and their expressive ability to showcase what they have learned.  All of this being taught in only ten short weeks (and weekly at that)!  I am truly astounded.  The capacity of the young brain is incredible.  It was a delight to witness this academic display.
Thank you for your dedicated work.
My best,"
-- Bonnie
"Miss Sophie's been teaching our son for the past 2 1/2 years! I can't say enough good things about her. But, more importantly, our son loves learning Chinese and has made significant strides in the past two years. When he sings a song, counts to 20, or tells me a few of the color names in mandarin, I am instantly impressed.
We hope to continue with Miss Sophie this fall!
Very highly recommended!"
-- Barclay S.
"Miss Sophie is a wonderful teacher. Our daughter enjoys the classes very much. "
 -- Heather M.