Teaching Philosophy

LittleBusyBee Mandarin Play & Learn provides children 2 years old and above with opportunities to learn Mandarin and Chinese cultures in a developmentally appropriate way. We believe that the earlier children learn a second language, the better they will be acquiring the language; and children learn the language best when the knowledge is delivered and based on their daily natural living environment.
We try to build a sequential learning experience for children/people who are interested in learning Chinese. According to students' developmental stages and Mandarin skills, we offer Mandarin classes in different levels. The beginner level is focusing on arousing children's interest in learning Mandarin, including listening and speaking skills as well as communication abilities through hands-on activities, singing songs, and other cultural experiences; the intermediate level is focusing on further language skills, writing abilities, sentence structures, grammars, and the ability of communication through the study of the state Department of Education adopted Mandarin curriculum in an interactive way; the advanced level is preparing students for the SAT2 and AP test through a non-traditional teaching-learning environment.
Throughout our teaching-learning experiences, we encourage families' involvement and partnership to help children to learn, and to help us to advocate for Mandarin study in the state of Georgia. We also work closely with families to facilitate children's development in the social-emotional area, physical area, cognitive area, language area, and the development of the sense of aesthetics on our journey to learn Chinese.