Weekday Chinese Immersion AM Program


Every child in our Chinese Mandarin program is so excited and happy when he/she comes to learn Chinese Mandarin with us! However, it is hard for us to find a Chinese Mandarin environment for children to facilitate, to practice, and to learn how to really communicate in this language after each class. All these are so important in the process of children's language acquisition. Therefore, how can we provide an opportunity to our children to move on forward to a stage to learn to use Chinese Mandarin in a meaningful setting and supporting environment?
Our Chinese Immersion Program is the solution!
In our Chinese Immersion Program, children are able to USE Chinese Mandarin (what they are learning and have already learned with us) with their peers, to make their learning process a more meaningful, more fun, and more rewardable experience in the states of America! Plus, they have more chances to follow their own interest and build up on their own strengths in this program by taking more initiatives on what activities they would like to do with the experienced on-site instructor and their friends! You can never imagine how many more useful daily expressions children can learn from this program, and how much improvement children can gain from this program on using Chinese Mandarin to really communicate, to develop social interactions, and to process information!
Join us now to take great advantage from this program! Tons of fun activities, games, learning materials, and friends who share a same interest/goal with you are waiting for you!
All Year Round

 8:30am-12:30pm Mon.-Fri.

For Children 3-5 Years Old

Detailed Business Operation Information please check
4920 Roswell Road NE, Suite 44, Sandy Springs, GA 30342
$50 One-time Registration Fee applies to all new families
($25 for the second sibling, $15 for the third sibling)
Early Drop Off is Offered with an extra hourly rate of $10.
Drop In is Offered with a flat rate. Please contact us for details.

Package I: Five days per week
Package II: Three days per week
Package II: Two days per week

Chinese Immersion PM Program is offered right after the AM Program for families who are interested.

Please email lbbmandarin@gamil.com for detailed tuition information.

Parents Lounge with free WIFI and bottled water on site. It provides ultimate convenience and flexibility to our busy families.
Please contact us at lbbmandarin@gmail.com for details.


Contact us for a free trial session.
Please make checks payable to LittleBusyBee Mandarin Academy.
You can find the Registration Form under Forms and Docs on the sidebar.
Please contact us for more detailed information about the classes.
Phone: (770)-380-8638
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